Shoe Box Christmas Drive

YAY… yes it’s on its way…

More info to come this week… but start saving or buying any little things from toys to stationary, stickers, matchbox cars, Xmas crackers, kids toothbrushes and toothpaste, some little treats, baby toys, balloons, bubbles, a4 paper, colouring pens and crayons are a huge hit for all ages. Colouring books for all ages, kids can make paper planes out of paper…..

It can be simple and in loads of cases, paper and pens are a huge luxury. As are books!

Box sizes and the number of items is up to you.

What I’m encouraging if some of you can do this is to make a family box. So bits and bobs for girls and boys so we can gift a box to a family instead of every child in that family, this way we can spread a little more Christmas cheer!

All info on drop-offs and what to do and when by etc to come.

You will have at least 6 weeks! ❤️❤️ thank you OAA’s you rock xx


Christmas Box

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OUR OAA XMAS DRIVE 2017! ❤️💚❤️💚❤️💚❤️
Yes I did say I’d do something small and This is it.. more info to come but basically it’s about individuals or groups or businesses, schools, childcare providers filling a shoebox or any box with gifts for a family from decorations to toys to non-perishable food to craft supplies to treats to basic kids toiletries like toothbrushes and toothpaste! Info to come. Boxes will be distributed locally… following my motto.. act local, Support local… look after our own community first and foremost. RAOK rocks!!! If you are keen to register interest here! Boxes can be small and simple or large and enough for a whole family! Ideas limitless. One thing I will be making sure is that items are new and safe ( no lithium batteries etc).. and each box will need to come complete with a list of contents etc so that they can go to the right age kids etc. Thanks, OAA’s.. this is going to be cool and hopefully simple to manage and I can assure you it will get to those who need it xxx Gabby 😘😘😘

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