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As you all know that Jammies for June is coming to a close soon. We have outdone ourselves with this drive.



We have collected and I’ve distributed over 3000 pairs of new PJs, 1500 pairs hand knitted slippers by our slipper queens and over 2000 other warm items such as hats, scarves, gloves, blankets, clothes, socks etc.

As that door closes for another 10 months the next one opens… Money for Merino is my ongoing project to help keep the newborn babies born here in HB (1000 babies a year approx) warm. I am starting to put together basic packs and buying (as I can) Merino to make wraps.

A Merino wrap cost around $65 plus!

Who can afford that? Not our needy and vulnerable families.

I have managed to source this Merino (NZ made) at an amazing price. It will be made into wraps for less than $10 a wrap. However, the supply I have been told is about to run out!

To purchase more, to help these 1000 most vulnerable babies I need to find some sponsors to help buy the Merino.

I need to raise over $3500 to secure the Merino so nobody else buys it. I have already spent what I have to get started. This $3500 would make all the wraps we need for 1 year plus and would give me time to source additional Merino suppliers.

This is where you come in

So if anyone knows of anyone that wants to help this become a reality, it would be amazing.

This means that if 35 local businesses could donate just $100 we would be sweet for this next venture. The sewing and cotton have already kindly been donated. These wraps can be made extremely cheaply (NZ made Merino at that!!) How brilliant would it be to welcome new members of our world, wrapped in NZ love?

I can, of course, supply donation receipts for this (non-GST as I am not GST registered as I don’t make money off the page or not a registered charity).

SO who wants to start or join the Merino hall of fame? Please message me. Tell your fellow colleagues and let’s do this. It will be amazing to support these newborns. They are the innocent ones.

The Big Social Issue

I will leave the big social issues up to the agencies who have the time and money and expertise to deal with this. As for me, it’s about the babies, just the babies. Sending them out into the world, warm and hopefully, their parents will feel a little happy that someone like you and I care.

In an ideal situation, I would source the remaining Merino. The total value of Merino available is $8000. That amount raised would exceed all expectations and keep this project alive.

Merino New Born Baby Bundle Examples
The Merino wraps will be put into a pack which contains

  • a cotton onesie,
  • a cotton singlet (or Merino if donated),
  • a hat,
  • a cardigan if these are donated,
  • a singlet hand knitted
  • a warm (similar to the fish and chip style) top
  • as well as socks or booties
  • I will also add a small muslin or cotton wrap or burp cloth (where I can).

All these items can be donated (new or excellent condition only as although some would say “we can’t be choosy” but for me, it’s a special pack that needs to be good quality to say that we DO care and that the items last).

Where can I drop off clothing donations?

Drop-offs are DK Legal in Hastings or Bazaar the Empire Ahuriri or Dream Team Clean Onekawa.

I really want you to make more Merino wraps, where can I send some money?

To donate funds you can do this electronically to
Out and About
Westpac Napier
03 0698 0126026 000
xxxxx Gabby #OAA #Our Babies an OAA initiative for 2017/2018
Also, you can contact me via my FB page (link here)

Thanks you xx

P.S. Our tech person is telling us, that a sponsors page can be set up to showcase some of the amazing businesses that help us out. Just donate and message with your logo, web link and a blurb about why you chose to donate to this cause. 🙂

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