Out and About with Kids is a forum for parents to reach out on-line for support, to form social connections, share ideas, events, chat!

Join me – a proud Napier Mum who loves Hawkes Bay, it’s people, my family, the community, and supporting others via Facebook. Out and About with Kids is a forum where we can connect, chat, share ideas and support each other in our role in bringing up the next generation in a place we can all be proud of – our beautiful area of New Zealand.All you need is love and coffee

I’m sure you’ll all agree that life doesn’t stop when you become a parent….in fact its really just the start of another super exciting chapter. You don’t have to stop having fun or having coffee out with the girls….you just have to find the right place for you and your bubs. We as a family have found lots of great walks, parks, events, cafes, markets, shops etc that we never knew existed 2 years ago (pre Bear)!
I’ve created this site as a resource for us Mums (Dad’s, grandparents etc) to share hot tips on what’s great to do with babies and children. Maybe even the odd tip on events coming up, clothing sales, your favourite cafe etc! My focus is currently the toddler stage and I’ve by no means found everything that there is to see and do! So lets get sharing and together we can build a resource to make living with our little ones even more fun and exciting!

…I will from time to time do a write up of something I like..a product, place,shop etc.. sharing what I find great…and what I’m passionate about! If I share links advertising a sale..it’s for all to benefit from! Just sharing the love!…feel free to send me links to things that I can share! Your input is appreciated! Thank you